If you currently have a website but it’s not the money-printing machine you’d like it to be, let us us take a look and see what we can discover.

Industry-Leading Website Checklist Review and New Tech Presentation

Our expertise will help us to uncover any areas where your site might not be performing at its best or some new technologies that you haven’t implemented yet.

Surveil interactions from multiple touch-points on multiple platforms

We’ll review your regular monitoring and tracking processes, to make sure that you are made aware of any issues the moment they crop up.

Finally, we will make a suggestion for any dashboard or reports upgrades, to make sure that you’re seeing what you need to see, when you need to see it (see below).


We base our dashboard designs on the ‘green map’ principle: if it’s green, it’s good. If it’s red, it’s out of tolerance (it’s too high or low, it’s too cold or hot, it’s too heavy or light, etc.) so pay attention to is and quickly reach the following result:

  1. Ignore it – we are aware and tolerating it (consider changing tolerances to make the sensor green again) – often has a date assigned
  2. Log it now¬†– (Fix it later) – load it into the project management task tracker and let’s assign resources (time, people, money) to implementing a solution (which might lead us to step 3):
  3. Fix it now – if it can be returned to a green state now, without major cost to the company, do it now* (as per standard operating procedures, for example who’s responsibility this job might be)

Whatever decision is made, be sure to log it in your company log book for management notices (announcements, decisions, questions & answers).

Dashboards can be retro-fitted to your existing website, or added to a new build to ensure that you’re seeing the numbers right from the start.