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Make My Site Busy are experienced web designers and SEO specialists in the North East of England, offering a range of web design and related services to help local businesses attract more customers and make more profit. With 50+ years of combined expertise in all aspects of web design in the UK and globally, we are very sincere, direct, and hands-on. We’ll help design and build your website, generate content to bring traffic, and optimise it for search engines.

In the present-day digital world, your company website is often the initial point of contact between customers and your company. Web design accounts for roughly 95% of a visitor’s first impression. As a result, many businesses are not only rethinking their website’s appearance but also working with us, a web design and development agency that uses years of knowledge and rich data to earn huge revenues from their websites.

With our considerable expertise in creating a variety of websites for local brands, we are confident that we can match your brand with a unique website that increases sales. Additionally, with the help of our SEO services, we’ll monitor your website to maximise your investment.

SEO North East

For brands, having a great-looking website is only the beginning. Many clients that come to us already have extremely well-designed websites, but they are not attracting paying visitors. Without SEO, a professional-looking website is just a waste of time.

SEO (search engine optimisation) refers to a suite of methods to improve a website’s online performance. SEO is a must for websites to remain visible to web crawlers and appear in users’ search results. SEO strategies include improving user experience, building backlinks, website speed, and timely delivery and implementation of relevant content.

When paired with additional optimisations, these modifications could have a considerable effect on visitors’ experience and your site’s performance in organic search results. You’re probably already familiar with many SEO techniques, but have you implemented them?

By ensuring your website complies with SEO best practices, we boost the outcomes of your site’s design or overhaul plan and enhance your online marketing strategy.

Among the useful SEO North East Services we offer are:

SEO North East

  • Review your website’s speed architecture and content
  • Technical guidance on developing websites: hosting, JavaScript, redirects, error pages, etc.
  • Content writing
  • Management of digital marketing strategy
  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Backlink building
  • SEO guidance with a focus on specific regions, businesses, and geographies
  • Designing responsive websites – (smartphones and tablets)

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Boost traffic from organic search results

Organic search accounts for over 51% of all website traffic, and 6 in 10 marketers claim that leads from SEO-engaged users are their top-quality leads. How come? Because SEO-engaged visitors are looking for a solution, and by appearing among the top SERPs (search engine results pages), your website provides the solution. SEO techniques can help you rank higher for specific search terms, attract the right customers and improve your click-through rate.

Boost trustworthiness and user experience

The credibility you establish and the online experience you offer are the only factors that can help you rank on the top SERPs page aiming for top 3 position.  If you don’t provide a good user experience, you’ll have challenges bringing consumers to your website even if it offers the best online content. Affective SEO improvements include website speed, responsiveness, layout, navigation as well as the quality of content to improve user experience. Additionally, backlink building will increase your page’s authority.

Increases brand recognition

When you boost your rankings, you will not only be able to convert leads into customers but also boost your brand awareness. You will generate more engagements simply by making it to the front of SERPs and moving up the rankings. Even if they don’t immediately click and visit your website during the first search, potential customers will start to associate your brand with excellent solutions, and as long as you’ve managed to get inside their heads, they’ll come back.

Helps stay informed

SEO is constantly evolving, just like everything else involved in running a business. Search engines are upgraded, new parameters are considered, and your competition are developing their own ranking methods. This means that the technological methods of the past that helped you climb to the top of SERPs won’t work for you now. And that’s significant because, as search engine algorithms evolve, you must enhance how you deliver your goods and services. That’s because search engines’ algorithms alter in response to consumer preferences and style shifts, and you need to stay up-to-date with these changes if you want to draw in the right clients.

It’s trackable

Unlike traditional marketing, it’s easy to track and estimate how SEO will affect the return on investment. Now it will not be as simple as sponsored ads, and to properly see how organic traffic results in sales, you’ll need to link some of the things on your website’s backend. Even if you don’t know much about Google Analytics, we can show you how to build up various trackable outcomes based on order completions, click-to-calls, page views, on-site ad clicks, etc. We can also show you how to use Google Search Console and other tools to understand better where your traffic is coming from, which keywords you are ranking for, and opportunity areas for improvement. Google Search Console will even show you your site’s weekly performance so that you can configure your digital marketing strategy accordingly.

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Get in touch to learn more about how SEO can help your business stand out online. We don’t engage in pushy sales tactics and won’t make you buy services that aren’t right for you. That only results in unhappy customers. If you are looking for a further chat on local SEO North East speacialists contact us via our online enquiry form.

Book an initial consultation without obligation.

We like to meet all of our clients for face to face video call so we can learn more about you and your
business and how we can best help grow and develop your business.